about us

Strelka is a project for people and about people. We want to create content and propositions other people can engage with and react to—embracing them, drawing inspiration from them, challenging them, and applying them in other fields.

At Strelka we welcome opportunities to develop joint initiatives with our partners— from launching education programs and film festivals to publishing books, curating public conferences and creating exhibitions. If you’re interested in doing a project with the Institute, select a partnership format—or let’s think of a new one!


Coarranging events

education and cultural events

for thousands of participants and for small groups

online, in the Strelka courtyard, or in your city

Colaunching Strelka Mag special projects

digital media outlet focusing on all questions around contemporary cities more than 300,000 monthly visitors

from featuring a native article to developing a multimedia subdomain project page

Codeveloping education programs

developing a structure for a corporate or a public program curating and supporting speakers

developing exhibitions

Copublishing books

placing the partner’s logo on the cover and in the colophon

promoting the book in the media and on the Institute’s social media

spotlighting the project in Strelka Mag