​Buzzfeed: 8 predictions on the future of media

Strelka Magazine asked Buzzfeed product manager Sabrina Majeed and director of global adaptation Millie Tran what changes in the media landscape are coming soon

​Wireless connection: Porn, censorship and Tinder

An interview with Porn Studies co-editor Clarissa Smith

​Introducing Strelka Summer 2016

This year’s Strelka public programme theme is "New Mindset". In the last couple of decades we have been in a constant state of anticipation of new technological revolutions and discoveries that would turn our understanding of the world on its head. That’s how penicillin and space travel happened to us. Society is constantly expecting a universal cure…

​How to make an independent nomadic print magazine

An interview with the team behind Flaneur, a multidisciplinary print magazine every issue of which focusses on a specific street in a foreign city

Mans Adler: “Happiness is our highest concern”

Make a prototype out of marshmallow — this is the sort of tasks that aspiring designers at ustwo get. Technical director Mans Adler curated a workshop in Moscow and talked to Strelka Magazine about the importance of allowing yourself to make all the possible mistakes before your product leaves the studio, when is the right time to release an update and which…

Do not mess with the internet: Digital August programme

Strelka is launching Digital-August — a month-long programme of events dedicated to the internet, future of technology and user interface development.


Strelka Magazine compiled a special guide giving you the opportunity to visit a European festival without actually going abroad, hear music in computer noise and become a part of one famous artist’s performance.

Martha Schwartz: “An idea is something that actually contributes to the movement of culture”

Martha Schwartz talked to Strelka Magazine about what it’s like being a woman in such a male-dominated profession as architecture, how to make central Moscow safer for children and how different is working in Russia compared to working in China.

​Will Alsop: “There are too many fucking experts around and not enough artists”

Strelka Magazine met up with the Sterling Prize winner, OBE and true rebel Will Alsop to discuss modern youth, 1960s England and how to always be your own boss.

​Lev Manovich: “Instagram is a window into people’s thoughts and imagination”

Professor at The City University of New York Graduate Center Lev Manovich explained to Strelka Magazine what we can learn about human culture by analysing Big Data.

David Fisher: “The only power that can bring change is political power”

David Fisher is both a unique and somewhat controversial figure in the world of architecture. He designed a building that has been talked about for almost ten years, but still hasn’t been realised. Fisher explained to Strelka Magazine why construction should be revolutionized, who needs rotating houses and how we ended up stuck in antiquity.

​Massimiliano Fuksas: “An architect now must become a neighbour”

On September 17 Strelka hosted its last summer programme lecture. This time it was Massimiliano Fuksas, one of the most renowned Italian architects with buildings in the US, China, Italy, Georgia and other countries under the belt. Strelka.com asked the architect to tell about changing unfamiliar cities, the most difficult project in his career and why one should…
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