The Most Notorious Barracks

Mikhail Krug, «Paris» and communal hell of pre-revolutionary architectural monument in Tver.

How to turn a closed factory into the most vibrant place in the city

Why the Manufaktura in Łódź, Poland is called an exemplary case of renovation and what other approaches are considered the most successful in the global practice of factories’ rearrangement.

Foster + Partners’ Bruno Moser Talks 2067

In anticipation of Foster + Partners 50th anniversary journalist and architecture critic Alexander Ostrovsky talked to Bruno Moser, practice partner and head of its Urban Design team.

How urbanists analyse citizens' mobility

The urban data analyst Anna Lvova discusses, why people’s movement in the city should be monitored.

The top 10 most expected books of 2017 in English about architecture and cities

Journalist and writer Stanislav Lvovskiy recommends forthcoming books written by leading experts and scholars concerning urban problems and architecture.

Concrete Jungle: «In the regions, you can’t sell a design for a chair: you can sell a finished chair

An interview with the co-founder of Vladivostok architectural firm Concrete Jungle.

The Form of form: «We forget about the most important thing: architecture»

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2016 curator Andre Tavares talks about the role of form in architecture and the fascination with the future.

From shacks to castles: the development of Russian Playgrounds

The history of the appearance, content and public perception of playgrounds in the Czarist and Soviet eras.

How to change cities with culture: 10 examples from UNESCO

The most interesting cases of culture's role in sustainable urban development from UNESCO report

The admission of students to «The New Normal» is now closed

Strelka chose 30 students to participate in the new program.

Post-truth: The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed

Algorithms, discourses and “patternocracy” – everything you were never told about “post-truth”.

From revolutionaries to mobsters: the image of Moscow in 20th century films

On what to pay attention while watching films made in Moscow
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